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Sticking to the list

Doing what is best for you, some times might be even harder than you could imagine, even if you know it is for your best interest.

Lately, during bedtime, I was structuring the next day in my mind and said to myself what he will do the next day. From the 20 things I was telling myself that he had to do the next day, I would be lucky if I did 5 of them.

Well, this mocking of my own self had to stop, so I implemented another weapon. A hand written list. I write about 15-20 things every day of what I have to do the next day and stick it on the board in my bedroom. So far this works. For a week now I have been sticking to my list and see myself going to bed each day more satisfied and more fulfilled.

So, if there is one thing you must do, is don’t fool yourself and don’t look for excuses. Make your list and stick to it.