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A Medical Scientist and a hopeless romantic. Writing as a diversion from commonality.

Sticking to the list

Doing what is best for you, some times might be even harder than you could imagine, even if you know it is for your best interest.

Lately, during bedtime, I was structuring the next day in my mind and said to myself what he will do the next day. From the 20 things I was telling myself that he had to do the next day, I would be lucky if I did 5 of them.

Well, this mocking of my own self had to stop, so I implemented another weapon. A hand written list. I write about 15-20 things every day of what I have to do the next day and stick it on the board in my bedroom. So far this works. For a week now I have been sticking to my list and see myself going to bed each day more satisfied and more fulfilled.

So, if there is one thing you must do, is don’t fool yourself and don’t look for excuses. Make your list and stick to it.

An olive tree in the ocean – Fighting hurricanes

Have been wandering in this endless ocean for a lot of time now. There have been sometimes that the waves are so tall that they cover me entirely. The sea water is not so good afterall. The salt started building up on my trunk and the taste is at times so bitter it is unbearable.

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Falling down and getting up again

I feel that the last three years have been a cycle of falling down and getting up again for me.

There have been periods that I felt unfathomably miserable, like a worthless piece of scrap hidden under a ton of other scraps in a random area of the junkyard.

Those are the periods that I feel like I have not done anything with my life and I am doomed to live a life of mediocrity with no purpose and no meaning.

And then the good angel kicks the doors of my mind wide open.

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Purified water

Water or H2O as many manuscripts refer to it, is the essence of life. We all know that. Without water there wouldn’t be life in this planet.

Water may come in different forms and shapes. It may come as solid, liquid or as vapour.

It covers 71% of earth’s surfaces and is essential for sustaining life on it. An amazing fact that few may know is that 60% of the human body is made up of water. Continue reading Purified water