An olive tree in the ocean – Fighting hurricanes

Have been wandering in this endless ocean for a lot of time now. There have been sometimes that the waves are so tall that they cover me entirely. The sea water is not so good afterall. The salt started building up on my trunk and the taste is at times so bitter it is unbearable.

I have to endure this ordeal. My goal has not changed. Finding the Land of Endless Sun and Water is still my goal. Survival is a given if I am to achieve my dream.

It started with a light breeze last afternoon as the sun was setting. My leaves started blowing with force along the air.

Then it was not only my leaves, my whole trunk drifted maniacally over the waves as the unstoppable force of whirling air came upon me.

My friend the great white with a sorrowful look vanished under the deep blue sea as I was lifted up and blown a thousand yards farther, splashing with force on the water that felt like falling on dry land.

A large branch from my top was severed from the impact and I already started feeling the air slashing into my trunk. I whirled and splashed in the sea for what seemed like an eternity. It started with the sunset and ended with the sunrise.

At the start of my journey one could call me tall, proud and beautiful. After that purgotorial night I was battered, broken and pitiful.

The threads of destiny have been playing a horrifying game with me since the start. This proud Olive will not give up though. I have heard tales of a man far less sturdy and far more fragile than me that fought through a thousand more dangers and he managed to reach his destination.

I will manage to find the Land of Endless Sun and Water, even if that means only a branch of mine will remain to taste it.

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