An olive tree in the ocean

It is midday, the sun shines bright at 12 o’ clock, only a few ominous clouds in the east. Shades of green reflected in the water under the coverage of a large uneven shadow.

It is the 19th day now since I started my journey, still trailing along waves in this vast ocean.

I decided taking upon this journey when I heard about the “Land of Endless Sun and Water” from my friend the Grand Oak.

Still, there has been no sight of this dreamy continent. The Oak had never lied to me though. Of course, she said it is only a myth but every myth I know is hidden behind a source of truth.

The great white has been my company for days now. He has kept many unwanted visitors closing on my roots and I tell him stories of the outside world in exchange. You can make great friends everywhere you go in this world after all it seems.

I have been telling g myself lately that I am going to finish this journey, I am going to find this mythical land. At least it has been a few days now, that I know there is no turning back. Being able to pass through the clashing rocks won’t happen twice in this olive’s lifetime.

I am moving forward in the ocean of despair, following the direction that the moonlight fisherman gave me. The seagulls have been mocking me from the beginning. They say if there is a land they don’t know, then it doesn’t exist.

My life is a long one and I am but a hundred years old. Nineteen days is like a grain of salt in the lifespan of an olive. My journey has just begun and I am going to find the land of endless sun and water so help me God.

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